Saturday, April 19, 2008

Today, I stayed back at school to collect RM14 fees from juniors to buy SPbt's club Tshirt. While we are on our way to one of the classes. Mr Tan Seng Hee AKA Bruce Tan stopped us from advancing. I thought he wanted to see our permission. Then he told us there is a green long snake up in front. When I spotted the snake, I was not frightened, instead I immediately asked aaron to take out his hp and get a snap of it. Then he asked me, what for? I told him then when u submit strange daily event to the star newspaper, U get RM 50 if yours is chosen. But still he was not interested. So we moved along taking another route (of course we took another way, we dont even know if the snake is poisonous). When I reached the stairs, Aaron asked me to come down again, cause this time, there is a bird attacking the snake!!! We were amuzed and Aaron withdrew his hp to take a snap of the situation, but when he was
about to capture the picture. He caught Mr. Tan Han Kuan AKA Hunter's back instead of the snake. He was so desperate. Cause the snake entered the draining system a moment after Aaron missed the shot. Mr Tan was on the phone with the BOMBA to report the snake case, then he said the operator nevermind, cause
the snake escaped into the draining system already. Me and Aaron are laughing uncontrollable. Then only the neighbouring teachers are relieved.
Too bad, we didnt manage to capture a picture of it. We even went searching for it!! but found nothing. cause there are like 20+ exits in the draining system. Some are blocked, but that doesn't mean the snake have to come out. It was a spledid surprise and a rare experience. Just regretted i did not bring my hp to school today. hahaha.... Extraordinary things happened in the school more than in your neighbouhood.

Here are some more pictures of my puppies!!!

feeding 3 puppies at once (which is quite impossible cause they are hyperactive!!!)

We started to give them solid food (bread is added in the milk)

Doesn't it look cute?

Even the cutest thing have fangs!!!

That's all the pictures i got from the puppies today...

Anf its mega late... I still have a meeting at 10am


JAJT was here at 2.08am

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