Saturday, April 12, 2008

Betrayal is sweet (but not to me)

Why would you betray us? I thought you are different from her or any other teachers, but looks like I got the wrong impression since the very first time we met. And this is not the first time you betrayed us!!! I guess you are just being selfish. And selfish is the nature of all human. If you aren't then you are ready to be with the gods. But why expose our doings now? Since that you knew earlier? Why not tell her the whole truth when you told her only part of it? This is our last year!!! why would you do this to us now?

No point asking... Cause i'll never believe a teacher anymore. expecially those that smile in front of you. And I really have accepted you like a brother to me. You made me dissappointed Mr. C!!!! Now he will never graduate.

However, I can't solely blame it on you. You are just doing your part as a teacher. But then again why would you lie to us? If you can't come, If you don't want to come. JUST TELL US!!! don't make us unneccasary troubles. You told us A, then you told her B. What is the purpose in spoiling our relation (one that can never be easily establish among student and teacher). Most of all, WE TRUSTED YOU!!! you shouldn't live...

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