Thursday, April 10, 2008

Today we are summoned to the hall for a motivation camp.

We are so noisy that me, DT and Wei Wan that are sitting quite behind can't listen to him preperly (Not like we intended to)at least I was studying while some of the guys are asleep. Their sleeping postures are taken by Miss Ang!!! oh yeah... there will be a good show tomorrow or on monday. hahaha... KILLING SPREE... t

hen the speaker was like trying to grab our attention by talking crap. He used someone else picture and tell a story of himself. saying that since 7 he started modeling then when he is 17 he did a facial product modeling (something was wrong here cause the person in the picture are not the same) Moving on, he said after secondary school, he dyed his colour. And guess what? He said that he is one of the WESTLIFE!!! like hell i'll believe that. that is ok then he say he went to the music industry and he and his 'friends' formed a band. And he super imposed his face on one of the F4. F4!!! he didn't even have long hair!!! then he say that started his movie career. He acted as the main character in HERO (the chinese movie) again he replaced the face of Jetli with his. Then he said he was invited to Hollywood and the movie he acted in was... 007 die another day. WOW... its a whole lot of crap. but it did caught a lot of laughter and attention. and after that, everybody resume their little chit chats.

During evening, I finally the steel pipe are reinforced with sement, as shown below:

Hmm... I got a stupid and out of the box idea (maybe funny) and here it is

A DOG PIE!!! (Jolene's property)

It looks like the fictional comic shits. hahaha...

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