Sunday, April 20, 2008

Yesterday (19th of April)
Woke at 8am. went to school for Philatelic Club avtivity. But when I reached there, they said its
the Quiz activity they had to 'help' members get their Pencapaian marks. So i took off to Robotic Club's activity. Which is certainly way more fun than having an unwanted test.

What is everybody staring at? never seen a seior take pictures for his blog?

Busy busy busy...

Wow... Pei Iu the president is teaching them the parts!!! And light is emiting from HIM!!! XD

He ain't fair!!! He is helping them build the race car. Which is for competition by 12pm.

Kah Teik studying a F5 sejarah text book. Ain't he mad? he is only in F3!!!

Sporting guy (Kah Teik)... XD

Lonely... Mr Wei Chun is Lonely... He has nobody... All but himself!!!! (its from a song Lonely by Akon)

Does this reminds you of prison break? xD except that its him breaking in then breaking out. But its for a good cause.

Only remove 4 glasses and he's in and out! amazing...

When i was heading home. I heard many people shouted. So i looked out the window. ANd what do u know? Its a bottle rocket reaching 4 story high with parachute!!! Me and Wai Kay tried to set that record. haiz... looks like we are getting old. And the glory is taken by our juniors. Congrates. And when I took out my hp. It was already leaving the school ground. The rocket stopped at midair, floating slowly drifting. MAN!!! the hang time is about 30+ seconds. and the highest achieved by us is 18 seconds!!!

Went back to school that evening. Guess what?

It is still crowded with students!!! and looks like the scout camp became a monkey camp. XD

And guess what is in this picture?

Still Can get it? Here's a better view

It's a basketball competition!!! Its the girls team though...

and here is my mom talking to a team made up of my mom's student. Which are pro in basketball!! no kidding And such a coincidence my mom is also wearing red.

And here is the reason I went back to school during evening. To fetch my bro and friends after having a foot drill competition in Chung Ling Butterworth.

Isn't that cute? I'm too close. hahaha... I always fancy this type of signs. I saw once a sign says "dog on board" hahaha... I guess the owner brings the dog go wherever HE goes.

Here are some pictures of my puppie eating from a dish. 

Guess thats all for yesterday

JAJT is here at 12.06am

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