Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Past (1st of April AKA April fool day!!!)

I totally forgotten about it until i got to school and fooled by a 'you got something on your shirt' trick. Thanks to Qi Shen. Man!!! Its the oldest trick in the book and I even fell for that. Then I started my operations!!!

Lee Huai (this one is nice, he swallowed the whole thing in!!! and when DT laughed he still doesn't know wat happened)
Natsia (Well, its a possible situation, cannot blame him)

2x Robotic club juniors (forgotten their names)
Gan Yi Jing
DT (twice!!!)
Qi Shen (revenge is sweet!!!)
Yi Shyan

Minor (almost fell for it):
Muan Hoy (he played along!!! what a guy)
Guo Lung
Xun Huan
Seng Leong
Yuan Xi (He was suspicious all the way!!! no fun)

Tricked by:
Qi Shen
Gan Yi Jing
Seng Zhi (this one is so unobvious)

I forgotten some tricks... so the list is incomplete
I guess I sucks at tricking people, maybe its because i was fooling people all the time?


Past (1st of April)
same day but different event

The situation in our class everyday 6.30am cause classes commence at 7.30am. Plenty of time to sleep!!! The guy with his head up is Wai Kay. He is sitting beside me in class, therefore that is not his seat.

opps... looks like I woke him up. sorry!!
The chinese pro in our class, Ooi Jian Thyn. He is a natural!!! doesn't know how he does it!! ex-Maple pro (retired) and currently Cabal pro!!! His result are pretty good (for me hahaha...)

I guess phone at school results in many many unnecessary photos. This is a pic of Keh Yang and 
Chen Houng doing hw. I guess keh yang really like to be on the camera. on the 2nd of april Chia 
Wei was writing his name on the whiteboard. But he wrote 可羊 instead of 克洋 the class laugh like a herd of hyenas. And we were in an english class!! the teacher couldn't 
read chinese, so she assumed that Chia Wei was maing a fool of our english teacher, Cikgu Maria (picture available in Tze Chuen's blog).

this is our class key, the design is drawn by Wai Kay (tangan gatal hahaha...). hmm... wat is it for again? oh... for our graduation magazine pictures!!!
We are suppose to take some class pictures to be entered in our qraduation magazine. But DT didn't inform us on purpose. Nvm... we took the pictures needed today. muahahah... without permission!!! 
might get confiscated if caught!!

Last period in physic lab

waiting for the teacher's arrival outside the lab or the stairs

Chia Wei is taking the teacher's challenge to try get the electrons from the earth up to the Van de Graph Generator. Which is impossible, according to the teacher, the previous 
class just done that. Quite impossible to get electrons in the ground in such a short time. 
Unless it is done on purpose.

After school, there it is again the yellow house training!!! didn't manage to get an overall view from above because students from the yellow house is way cleverer as they group and mark their attendance on te hallway and even in front of the hall!

A pic of the yellow house students marking their attendance.

Even when we are doing the sport, we tried to look for shelter under the big shady tree!! hahaha...

After I reached home, I was so tired that I could sleep through the whole season, but my brther is fast asleep when we are suppose 
to walk the dogs together. So, my dad suggested I take one of the puppies upstairs and wake him. At first it work, He was shocked to suddenly see something black on his chest!!! When he realised it was one of the puppies, he hug it as if its one of his soft toys and he fell asleep again.

but the puppy was crawling all the way, trying to escape from the lights of him.


Present (3rd of April)

Today, DT and Tze Chuen brought their hp and Wai Kay brought his camera. We tried to get a permission for it, but the teacher is like a ghost!!! we cannot see and find her. She was nowhere to be seen. In the end, we did not get the permission and there were no spot checks (thank god!!!) 

Well, they were suppose to take pictures of the students in our class. Instead, they were like playing spy camera and took the pictures of every teacher that came in!! (almost all of the teachers).

In the evenings, my brother was in the school for the blue house practice. So I'm doing a two person job. Walking 2 dogs on my own, pity me... When I walk pass Pineapple's house the steel paip railing was like left into small parts!!! some even the base was being pulled out!!!

This is the steel pipe pulled out by a middle age man. red t-shirt, red pants and even red shoes on a motorbike with the license plate of PFA 1698. He brings a hammer and knock around the pipes along the road before collecting after he is done.

In this pic, it is shown that on the base of the railing remains, where the red lines shows how is the railing actually looks like. Now the residents are resorted in using the red and white tape to protect people from fallig into the deep drain.

Along this road, shows that the pipes are dug up. you can still see the soil on the surface!!! the pipes are being uprooted to be sold as iron for recycling!!! Steal to recycle? that is not the original idea of recycling!!! Have you learn any moral? to steal public stuff for your own profit. I might be hunted down by revealing his appearance and number plate!!

This is what we called immoral!!! there are like over 30+ of these stell pipes and slowly one by one they are gone. Now? even the base is gone... WHAT ARE YOU DOING MALAYSIA? I cannot fight him head on... He has a hammer in his hand and i only have two dogs at that time. All I can do was watch and remember the number plate.


Future (This Saturday)

This Saturday is our school parents day, where we get our results directly from the teacher. And the teacher will talk a thing or two about our behaviour. However, this is only required for the students who are academically not so good. The ranking after 21 are needed to meet the teacher this saturday!! And I am one of them. Oh my gosh!!! dead meat... living corpse... no computer... nerd in the making... HELP ME!!!

This is the list of our class results. Please click to view it!!!

guess that's all for today

I think I won't be updating this blog after this Saturday (depends but most probably i'll be banned from touching the computer)

JAJT is here 12.23am

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