Saturday, April 19, 2008

Malaysia Fruits

The other day, I went to the Air Itam market with my mom. I saw some fruits hanging in the stall. Fruits that we don't see everyday, fruits that are only available during seasons. And here it is:

DURIAN!!! yeah, I love durian. Some may say that they are smelly, spoilt, yucky and and most of all, we can smell it far away. But it is sweet and not everybody enjoys it. Many public transports, hotel, public places doesn't allow customers to bring in durian for their strong smell.

And here is an interested customer checking out the durians before purchasing one.

And then I spotted this red pointy thing.

It is actually a local type of berry. When you boiled it in water. It tastes just like Ribena!

Here is a picture up close.

Here are the plants I've grown from seeds.

If you want one, tell me. and get it from me. I don't make deliveries. xD

By far, this is the plant that have grown the most, maybe its because i've buried a dead bird underneath it?

I love gardening. i'm only interested in plant fruits, but my mom loves to plant plants with leaves. LOTS AND LOTS OF LEAVES...

Here is a picture of my Grape plant!! 

This is a local species that survives the hot weather. Despise that, The fruit it bears are 
sour instead of tasting sweet. It seeds are larger than the imported ones and its green in colour. A father's friend gave us this plant at first, because he just trimmed his grape plants and gave us the vines. Then It was not properly taken care of. It started dying. But it doesn't die completely. It always survive with a leave or 2. It is very tough in nature. Even without water it can still survive for months. When I started to have interest in plants. I took care of it and from the 2 leaves, it became 76 leaves. But to bear fruits, It must be bigger to do so. Wish that day would come soon. hahaha...