Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Last friday, DT found this ticket

at school grounds and showed me and Lee Huai. Then he was giving away, it can still be used!!! Its expiry date is still 14th of november 2008. But neither of us are going to Japan, so DT teared it up before our very eyes. sob... such a waste!!

And here is a picture of Meredy (a friend of mine), NOT my gf k? The other day when i was chatting with her, we were talking about hairstyles. Then she asked me, what type do i like? So i told her i like girls with short hair but not too short and not too short. just like Esther's, Liyin's and Yee Fong's are nice (no special meaning). Then she said she wanna cry cause she is my type, to comfort her I immediately said that i like girls with no hair!!! she was like go find Britney Spears lar. xD hahaha... My mom laugh non stop when I told her.

This is Malaysia's newest RM5 note

It is design to be unstainable and most of all untearable. looks like this one doesn't have quality control?

This year's April fool is no ordinary april fool. It is also the day that all the 1 sens are out of use.

and I only noticed that till just now. hahaha...

Since yesterday is the starting of our school's annual book fair organised by the six form librarian, and its held in 
our school hall. 

I purposely brought my hp to school just to get this few snaps. And Chong Sim was in the hall!!!

Noticed whats wrong in this picture? William is reading a non text book!!! looks like i underestimated him. just kidding k?

Then DT found a funny book (shown below)

Guess what? ITS GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka!!!!)
It has a novel!!! and its this thick

There are 2 books of this novel. wow... and its suppose to be a pervetic story, but yet again its able to be published into novels!!!

DT is like in a shopping fever today. He bought a few old magazines at a cheap price.

and guess what did he found? A tore page in the magazine!!! and a note is left there, saying that the GOVERNMENT wanted the page down!!! what the hell is this? We dont use to have that years ago.

DT bought more books and after reading them, he says: "throw into the dustbin." He was actually throwing it after buying it!!! so i brought home. hehehe... i don't read initial D comis, or do i fancy gundam models or i wan the PS2 program catalog book thingy.

by the way its the first ever volume of Gundam modeling

and this is the only book i bought this year.

And it cost me RM32.20 its only RM1.70 cheaper!! damn that salesman. I still remember in form 3 i bought 10-20 books of Doraemon comics. But this year they didnt have the ones i wan. sob... i even wanted to keep a set.

Our class was dismissed early cause Pn. Hong was absent for 2 whole weeks!!! man, we sure fail our physic. So, some of us waited in the class, and we took a few pics.

here is Keh Yan the sporting one.

and QS the not sporting one. hahaha... I even wrestled him to get Keh Yang capture a pic of his!!! and at last i got one. But QS doesn't want me to post it. So, I sis as i promised k? hahaha...

And I watch the movie Three Kingdoms at home!! (pirated DVD) hahaha... Wasted much of my precious time. But I enjoyed watching it. Especially the downfall of 
Zhao Yun. but its very sad... My dad lost interested during the middle of the show when he noticed that Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Liu Bei are not the main characters. Andy Lau!! I'll support u forever!!!

guess that's what happened to me today
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